Breeding Alpacas of Poland began its activities in autumn 2004. By making the first import of animals into Pour country, we became the first farm in Poland, which till today is a leader in breeding alpacas. The farm was opened in order to create a stable and growing market for alpacas in our country. In the middle of 2004, there was a meeting between Rodrigo De La Garza's – the co-owner of Quintessence Int Alpaca and Mariusz Wierzbicki. They agreed that the potential alpacas can have in Poland is very high - taking into account how other countries have adapted their breeding. In particular, Germany (adjacent to Poland), which have one of the strongest and most reliable markets in this field in Europe. From 2004 to the present day in common with the Quintessence company we have made some imports of alpacas to Poland. Demand for these animals is growing. Most of the alpacas that come to us from Chile, and those born on our farm find their new guardians very soon.

Alpacas of Poland are located about 130 kilomiters northeast from Warsaw, in the Podlaskie province, in a small and peaceful village called "Bujenka", which allows peaceful development of the animals. At present there are about 100 huacaya and suri alpacas in all colors. In 2011/2012, we plan to enlarge our herd to 300 animals, which will once again make it one of the largest and most diversified alpakas farms in Europe.

Alpacas of Poland are working with the Quintessence Alpaca Int. company. It is a family company, owned by Maria Herlinda Caramen De La Garza and her children - Alejandra and Rodigo. The company was created by Marie, in 1997 with the vision of the best production of hight quality natural wool with the aim of processing it to high- class products. Quintessence Alpacas are recognizable by their elegance, density, color and above all the best type of wool.

Maria Herlinda Caramen De La Garza is an expert and has extensive experience in the breeding of alpacas. She personally chooses animals (basic herd) for us, which supply the new start-up farms in Poland. In Chile, Marie was proclaimed the queen of alpacas.

Provide our customers the best quality alpacas, the information they need, guidance in the process of creating a farm dealing with breeding alpacas, which in the future will bring big profits.